Ella’s Kitchen Snacks Review

My Littlest D and I received a super exciting box in the post the other week from the fantastic people at Ella’s Kitchen. To say she was excited is an understatement, this little beast is a bit of a chunky monkey, and goodness me does she LOVE her food?! So when Ella’s Kitchen sent us through … Read more


Clarks Review Spring/Summer collection 2016

  The school holidays are fast approaching and it sometimes seems to be the only time the girls get to wear normal clothes, well something other than school uniforms. As always I seem to reach the holidays, only to find they have outgrown things or the weather has changed and they no longer have anything … Read more

Light and Crunchy Granola with Sugar Stevia from Tate & Lyle

I don’t think I ever realized that you could make Granola yourself at home! When Tate & Lyle sent me some Brown Sugar Stevia to use and this recipe I couldn’t wait to get started. The sugar is made with a natural extract from the Stevia plant and is twice as sweet as normal sugar, … Read more