Pink Lining Poppins Bag Review

In all the time I have been a mummy, I have heard the name Pink Lining over and over again in conversations about amazing changing bags. I finally got my chance to see one of these beautiful designer bags, first hand when the lovely people from Pink Lining sent me one of their Poppins Bags (RRP £65.00) over for reviewing.


 The bag is slightly longer than their popular Yummy Mummy Range and has more than enough room for all the things I seem to accumulate on my travels.

To start, I love the front pocket, seemingly designed for all things ‘mummy’. I feel it is often overlooked that mums use the bags as well so this is a nice addition. This comes with a pen holder, little fob to attach your keys to, pockets for mobile phones (so no more wondering ‘where me keys, where me phone’ LOL, whilst digging around for those elusive little monsters) and even a mirror for those important touch up opportunities.


 The main pocket has plenty of room for all your baby essentials and comes with pockets for nappys and wipes, as well as two internal insulated bottle holders. With all the pink lining changing bags, you also get a wet bag and pink lining branded changing mat and that tell tale pink lining throughout.

 The bag has an adjustable shoulder strap that is long enough to fit over any pram/buggy handle and the measurements of this bag are 36(L) x 38(H) x 10(W) cm. The outer Fabric is 80% cotton canvas coated in EVA laminate & 20% nylon. Lining is 100% nylon and, to clean, it should be wiped over with a damp cloth and some mild detergent (however, this will not eliminate all stains that may occur.)


I adore my new bag, no other changing bag quite compares. This design is called Thistle and Dragonfly and the print is very pretty. The tree on the front with mother of pearl buttons is very unusual, whats more, after searching for what seems like forever I have finally got a PRACTICAL, coordinating bag for my purple pram!!

This is, in my opinion, excatly the thing every Mummy Wants in a changing bag!


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  1. Heroes n Fairies says:

    Gorgeous bag, I’ve always loved the look of Pink Lining bags but have never been sure if they were worth the money. However after your review I am very tempted and that design would suit my purple pram too 😉

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